GAN 356 i carry S Smart Cube 3x3 Magnetic GAN i carry S
GAN 356 i carry S Smart Cube 3x3 Magnetic GAN i carry S
GAN 356 i carry S Smart Cube 3x3 Magnetic GAN i carry S
GAN 356 i carry S Smart Cube 3x3 Magnetic GAN i carry S

GAN 356 i carry S Smart Cube 3x3 Magnetic GAN i carry S

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GAN 356 i Carry S Bluetooth 3x3 is an updated, chargeless Bluetooth speed cube from GAN! The i Carry S features improved performance that is comparable to some flagship 3x3s and the concept of an interchangeable battery is very convenient for some!

The i Carry S does not include a gyroscope so the cube on the app will not match your movements when using the cube.

Bluetooth functionality

Connect your GAN cube to your phone's Cube Station app via Bluetooth and enjoy many cool features! The Cube Station app will give you statistics based on your solve times, training exercises, races with cubers across the world, and more!

Changing the battery

GAN advertises that the pre-installed battery is good for 330 (50 more than previous version) hours of use before it needs to be changed. Video tutorial (click here)

Accessories included

  • Storage box
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Alternate strength tension nuts
  • CFOP algorithm sheet

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Customer Reviews

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Sok Heng
gen 356 i smart cube

I am not good in english but it easy to write and i apologize for all the mistake that i wrote and the review but I am not the professional of the cube just a guy who love to solve the cube . I think it a good cube for cubers and beginners because it has a lot of features like the smart app name cube station that can teach you how to sovle the cube , if you don't know how to sovle . One thing that i love it is it has tracking system that track the cube but it just a little bit slow , but it ok and I hope they will update it in the future. It has the scamble system that can help me from the free scamble and it is best for the guy who want to know all the imformation that they want to know like the speed , time , rotation , move , ... and it has a lot of thing that I can't tell you all.
But the problem is it not the full costumization cube like the gen 356 xs but it great too and the coner cut can't reach to 45 degree but it good for 30 degree but it ok because it hard to reach to 45 degree when i solve and it has the magnet to resist it . the move is very smoth . Sometime I so borring of solving the cube but with this cube it has the best feature that we can beat the other cuber in the world and friend too that make me feel amazing.
Finally I think this powerful with the great intelligent is so comfortable for the beginner and the speedcuber to improve ourself by learn about the mistake the short move that have in the imformation.

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